Welcome to Peninsula Steel and Bolts

NPS Crane truck hire, and NPS Steel website. We at all times strive to be a one stop shop for all your needs from nuts and bolts, retaining wall steel, steel fabrication, crane truck hire to assist installation, or our onsite structural team of qualified tradesmen.
We are more than happy to help you with all your welding and sheet metal needs. So if it’s a quote your after please send it through and we would be more than happy to have quoted for you.
We also specialise in manufacturing pellet and grain silos, specifically constructed to your particular needs. Reconditioned Silos, silo repairs, and our onsite team are also available.
NPS Crane trucks have two tray trucks with cranes attached available for hire. We ensure that we always arrive on time so that you can organise yourself and workers. They can be hired to transport items to the job, to lift items such as signs, machines, air conditioners and structural steel erections. Also available free of charge with Crane truck hires is a duct lift and we have a Cherry picker available as well.

Nuts and bolts

We stock a large range of nuts/bolts and washers in various sizes from low to high tensile including structural.

Retaining Wall Steel

Direct to public sales of H / C / 45 and 90 degree hot dipped galvanized sections.

Structural Fabrication

General Engineering and Sheet Metal work, on site work. Plans quoted.